Best bridges in Iran

Si-o-se pol bridge as a historical attraction of isfahan and iran

Si-o-se-pol bridge as a Tourist Attraction from the Safavid era have become a masterpiece in Iranian architecture. For over 400 years, this bridge has exhibited its beauties and stands in its place. The bridge is named the longest bridge in Zayandeh Rood.

Old bridge as a historical attraction of khuzestan

The old bridge of Dezful has been the oldest bridge in the world since its inception due to its old age, its sustainability and survival. The old bridge of Dezful, which connects the two eastern and western parts of Dezful, is in fact one of the ways of the interface between Jind Shapur and the Mesopotamian Territory, built on the orders of Shapur I after the victory over Valerian by using the Roman prisoners.

Tabiat bridge as a historical attraction of tehran

Tabiat Bridge as a Tourist Attraction is one of the most beautiful modern tourist 3rd floors bridges in Tehran. Nnumerous cafes for rest with walking paths and open-air platforms, provides a fantastic view of Tehran's city. The nature bridge connects Ab-o-Atash and Taleghani parks.

Veresk bridge as a historical attraction of tehran and mazandaran and iran

One of the masterpieces of the Iranian Railways is the Bridge Veresk as a Tourist Attraction, which is considered to be the most important and highest railroad bridge in Northern Iran. The bridge, which has a worldwide reputation, has been named "The Bridge of Victory" in all the works published after the end of the Second World War.

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