Si-o-se pol bridge

Si-o-se pol bridge of isfahan and iran

Si-o-se-pol bridge as a Tourist Attraction from the Safavid era have become a masterpiece in Iranian architecture. For over 400 years, this bridge has exhibited its beauties and stands in its place. The bridge is named the longest bridge in Zayandeh Rood.

si-o-se pol

si-o-se pol

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Why Si-o-se-pol bridge in Isfahan?

The name of this valuable work "Si-o-se-pol bridge" is listed in the National Iranian Book List and is considered one of the most popular attractions in Iran. Around this bridge is one of the most famous promenades in Isfahan, and it is fun at dusk beside it.

The Si-o-se-pol bridge that connects Charbagh Abbasi to the upper Chaharbagh has 40 springs in the past, but today there are more than thirty-three springs left, and the rest are blocked. The bridge is 295 meters long and 75/13 meters wide and is one of the first works that Shah Abbas ordered to make.

The first idea of the construction of the Si-o-se-pol dates back to 1008 AH in the 12th year of the reign of Shah Abbas I. The bridge was completed in 1011 AH under Allahvardi Khan.

The architect of the Si-o-se-pol bridge was the master of Hussein Bana Isfahani, whose son had made masterpieces like Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque.

On the opposite side of the bridge, there is a crossroads that are seen across the bridge. Si-o-se-pol bridge have a sidewalk to travel over the bridge and a sidewalk down the bridge. The lower sidewalk is a cross-section between of bridge's main piers with a little distance from the riverbed. Of the Si-o-se-pol bridge mentioned, during the Safavid period, the feast of "Abrizzan" or "Abrizakan" is near Zayandeh and is near the bridge. At the celebration on Tir 13th, people were taking part in the ceremony by splashing water and rose water.

Petro Delawall describes the Si-o-se-pol as follows:

There is a bridge on this river, all of which is made of brick and its width is greater than all the bridges of Rome, and its length is at least three to four times the bridges. The architecture of this bridge is strangely carried out, and on both sides there are arches that people pass from below and above. What attracts most is the bridges' corridors that are almost level, and whispers of water in the lower floor of the bridge, especially in warm summers.

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